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Give up or keep your email hosting via the website/exchange server and you move online to office 365. Office 365 centralised management, integration your MS Licensing packages.

Cheaper licensing fees monthly via office 365 = all your MS Licenses up-to date in one spot online - work anywhere - or on your own server = your choice. SharePoint, exchange, office, project, crm, word, excel = all docs in a flat file, easy to search, easy to archive, easy to access, easy choice!!

Safes you time by removing duplication, frustration, could be 50-70% faster to manage customer files.

You enter the contact info into crm which then is a card file in outlook, word, all correspondence is integrated and searchable with controls.

Some relevant benefits of utilising SharePoint’s document management system are:


•              Microsoft Office Integration

•              Makes it easy to search and find document

•              Makes it easy to control ownership of documents

•              Highly Customisable

•              Ability to build onto the system to incorporate other areas

•              Cloud level availability and accessibility

Microsoft SharePoint document management is robust and powerful allowing employees to synchronise directly with a SharePoint workspace. Staff can work on documents stored in SharePoint without copying the files to their hard drives. No desktop applications are required to access information it is all done online via your web browsers. Drop and drag data into a flat file.

SharePoint document management allows for online collaboration allowing you and other employees to work on the same document at the same time. Change management in SharePoint automatically assigns a different colour to each editor making group document easier to review.

Benefits of SharePoint Document Management with a SharePoint document management system make it easy to track and find the documents you need. SharePoint can store multiple versions of the same document because it assigns each version a unique ID number. This will prevent the wrong version of a document being retrieved or modified. Additionally documents with the same file name being overwritten and lost forever. SharePoint workflow also automates the document review process throughout the approval chain.


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